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- 10 April 2020

Why your website needs to be Mobile Friendly (Responsive) ??

Back in 2010, “Mobile Responsive” wasn’t even a term known to many. 10 years later 2020, boom, Mobile Responsive websites are very important and have also been recommended by the giant search engines for better results in SEO, Customer Experience and Easy Navigation for all Mobile Traffic.

Since 2015, mobile traffic has been ahead with the number of Smartphone users globally increasing everyday. In fact, over 80 percent of all online searches now come from mobile devices, from across the globe.

Google themselves have published an alogorithm (Mobile Friendly Web-Pages) to keep pushing sites to be more mobile friendly, as they surely understood the bigger and future picture of where online shopping / online search were going.

Alternatively, websites that were not mobile friendly experienced a decline in their search engine rankings. The AMP was later announced by Google on October 7th of 2015, with the aim of offering internet users the best mobile experience. These two are the main reasons why responsive web designs have become a popular web development trend nowadays.

  • Written by Hadi Zainal
  • Chief Editor
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